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Start to a Successful Commercial Lease

Commercial leasing markets are variously described as a “landlord market” or a “tenant market” this will be determined based on several factors of the relevant economy.

Based on the type of market you’re in, this will impact your leasing decisions through the availability of space, and the variety of choices available in the market.

Understanding Organizational dynamics

To truly achieve maximum efficiency when considering relocation will depend on several factors. How you analyze and prioritize the internal processes of your organization will determine the amount of benefit you’ll get from a relocation.

Market Research

Once you’ve found processed your internal dynamics, it’s time to consult with your Real Estate Expert to conduct market research and provide relevant information about vacancy rates, average rental prices, and tenant incentives.

Comparing Proposals

Comparing several proposals can be daunting, it’s best to prioritize your preferences based on your priority last. This will ensure you keep your eye on the end goal.

Negotiating the Lease

Point to remember.. Your landlord is an expert in lease negotiations. It’s best to leave the negotiations to your Real Estate Expert. We handle negotiations and have inside information on market sentiment.

The Final Steps

All the legal work has been done, now it’s time to prepare to move in.

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