Our goal is to build a compelling portfolio of real estate assets that generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. To achieve this, we focus our efforts in areas where we believe we are uniquely able to leverage on our local knowledge, expertise, and relationships. And then use the most appropriate vehicles to achieve consistent results for our investors.


We are continually expanding our network and reach within the Myanmar community. Our local knowledge is industry-leading. Our portfolio consists of Opportunistic and Value-added investment vehicles. With a focus on Rental Investments in the Residential and Commerical fields.

Due to our local knowledge, this has provided investors with strong returns in terms of equity multiple and IRR while minimizing downside risk. We seek to acquire prime properties at below-market prices by finding hidden gems of Real Estate that go unnoticed due to the complex minefield that is Myanmar Real Estate.

We use our fully integrated team to add value to the properties – by changing the approved use for the property, renovation, repositioning, and releasing or complete redevelopment.


Our strategy is to invest in off-market properties in joint ventures with strong, local partners. we capitalize on investments not targeted by large-scale professional but that still require sophisticated financial engineering and management strategies.

We target small-medium scale investments that are not freely available in conventional markets. We deliver our services through an opportunistic approach embracing our culture of honesty, integrity, and empathy. We possess the rare ability to think outside of the box when developing innovative new investment opportunities for investors.


We aim to manage risk through prudent due diligence on all key drivers and market dynamics that could impact our strategics. Using in-house construction and renovation teams that can provide itemized cost estimates and Guarantee max arrangements to ensure value from investments is seen in a timely manner.


For every asset, we develop a tailored plan that seeks to maximize its performance, creating potential, and unlocking intrinsic value. We have the countries best Real Estate agents that will create and develop our strategy to hit key performance indicators by scouting and acquiring the right tenants, reaching high levels of occupancy, and ensuring market value rental prices.


If you’d like more information about our current portfolio of investments, who we are, or to learn more about our investment strategies.

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