Myanmar Real Estate in Yangon

Myanmar Real Estate Market

The Real Estate Market in Myanmar has been developing consistently over the years. From this change, the biggest impact has been on the Real Estate Market in Yangon. Condominiums in Yangon have seen prices drastically drop compared to five years ago.

The Myanmar Real Estate bubble has slowly but surely burst. The Government has introduced laws to entice international investment. Meaning the country has already seen an increase in foreign direct investment.

This has led to a record level of condominium buildings built. Leading to dilution in the market. The result will be more mid-range apartments at a more affordable price due to the oversupply.

Myanmar Condominium Real Estate Market

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2021 will see a record number of condominiums completed in Yangon. The completion is widely anticipated to determine the efforts they’ll have on the renting market in Yangon.

Recently finished condos in Hlaing Township, have triggered the beginning of the affordable accommodation in Yangon.

Myanmar Housing Market

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The Housing Real Estate in Myanmar has seen a steady decline in prices over the years. Demand for such grand accommodation is restricted to larger organizations.

However, the Government’s approach of encouraging investment into the country,

Government tactics to encourage investment might mean the housing market reaches equilibrium, with Increased investment, which will mean an increase in demand for housing.

The Myanmar Real Estate bubble has made it difficult for many companies to enter the Housing Real Estate market. This is due to the massive overheads that are required.

Myanmar Serviced Apartments Market

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Due to Covid-19, this has caused a big impact on the Serviced Apartment Market in Yangon such as Northern Inya Residence.

Serviced Apartments have seen great declines in their occupancy levels, it is suggested that a new strategy should be implemented. This strategy should focus on attracting new clients once international flights resume.

Myanmar Real Estate News

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