Rental Application Process

You’ve found the property you love, you want to proceed to secure the property. What’s next?

In Myanmar, everything is negotiable if there are some features that are missing from the house, or the rental price is too high, this can all be negotiated.


As previously stated in the previous step if there are minor changes you’d like to the property, landlords are generally open to this. During this phase, there are usually three approaches.

  1. Negotiate the payment plans with little wiggle room in the rental price
  2. Negotiate the rental price with no wiggle room in payment plans
  3. Agree to the payment plans and price, and request a larger renovation

You should leave this part to the letting agent. We are experts in negotiation, always striving to get the tenants’ requirements met. This part can become a challenge for some, but rest assured we’ve got your back.

We’ll keep you updated through every step of the negotiations.

Negotiation success!

The negotiations have concluded, whats next? The tenancy agreement.

Before signing the tenancy agreement, make sure that you’re happy with the property. Ensure that you have a complete inventory list that has been signed by the landlord, agent, and tenant.

After the tenancy agreement is signed, the landlord may become hesitant to make any changes.

We’d also recommend photographing anything showing signs of damage or wear so you’ll have evidence in case any issues arise.

The Tenancy Agreement

A basic tenancy agreement should include the following information:

  • Full names & addresses of the landlord(s) and tenant(s);
  • The full address of the property;
  • Deposit amount
  • How much is the rent and how to pay (bank details, payment plans)
  • Start and end date of the tenancy

Additional items

  • Who is responsible for utility bills?
  • If the tenancy can be ended early what are the requirements
  • Who is responsible for repairs
  • Are pets permitted and the rules?
  • Are you allowed to sublet?

If you have any questions, confusion, or concerns about your tenancy agreements, or what you should be looking for before you sign one, talk to us! 

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