Understanding Organisation Dynamics

When trying to understand your organization’s dynamics to relocate. It’s important to allow sufficient time for this analysis. Lacking clearly defined objectives for your business and real estate can have fundamental impacts on your operations.

Planning and understanding your future requirements will be the foundation for making an informed decision on the right property.

Future Projections

There will be some self-reflective questions you’ll need to ask yourself about your business’s future. Has your Brand values changed? Is your business going through expansion or contraction?

Are you already in your preferred work setting? Or are there specific things you don’t like about your current leased space? Will employee satisfaction increase by moving closer to green spaces?

Analyzing your internal operations will help the probability of maximizing the benefits of relocation.

In order for your Real Estate Expert to truly provide a bespoke service, it’s best to prioritize and categorize your must-have workplace requirements; this is an integral stage in the process.

How to start your Prioritization and Categorization. 

  • Required Size of Useable Space
  • Range of minimum to the maximum number of employees
  • Preferred Locations
  • Building Services required
  • Technical requirements
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Tenant Improvement needs
  • Parking requirements
  • Office hours
  • Lease Structure preferences
  • Timing
  • Budget
  • Terms & renewals

When providing your Real Estate Expert with your priorities, you should also mention which points have the most importance. Real Estate Leasing is always about compromise, so ensuring your most important points are met is crucial.