So you are a landlord wondering how to decorate your property to meet the standards and requirements of foreigners whilst keeping to a tight budget? Then look no further here we will write about some of our tips and tricks to maximize your property value and save you money!

Decorating a rental property is very different than decorating your own home. For rentals, you are trying to please the masses not your own individual taste whilst keeping it cost-effective. So how can this be done?

1. Flooring
So this can seem pretty obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people get this wrong! If you are thinking of fitting expensive, light carpet throughout the rental property then you should think again!
After one or two years, you will have to replace everything which will massively increase your overall costs.

Instead, you should opt for a laminated wood for all the rooms in the property. This is an excellent option not only will you save money in the long term but it makes it easier for your tenant to clean up spills!
They will also be happy about not losing any of that deposit money! However, you should invest in a good quality laminate. This will provide the wear and tear you need over the years.

2. Walls
For the walls, it’s best to think neutral. You have to remember that you are trying to match the tastes of everyone. What can go wrong with a white or very light grey?!
The only problem you will find is that you will have to repaint every time a tenant leaves.. but that is a small price to pay!

If you have more than one property, it would be best to use the same paint for every property. That way you will always have a spare tin around. For the kitchen and bathroom, it would be best to use a water-resistant eggshell or acrylic paint.

3. Bathroom
If the bathroom is in decent condition with no mold or serious damage that is a great way to save money. However, if it is looking worse for wear this gives you the opportunity to make some changes!

You can really tell a lot about a landlord by the quality of their bathrooms!

If you have the space installing a bath is an excellent addition (and a game changer!) when potential tenants are deciding to pick between your property and someone else! Especially if your bathroom is new and clean!
You’ll almost certainly be the top contender.

4. Kitchen
Does your kitchen look worse for wear and are worried about the expenses for replacing the whole lot? Don’t despair before it comes to that you should try replacing the doors the cupboard doors and work surfaces. Sometimes this is all you need to make the kitchen look new again, (and a good old clean and paint!).

5. Furnishings
If possible, you should always try and rent your property unfurnished. For two simple reasons.
Firstly, if you furnish the property (especially to a high standard) this could be a large expense which prices your property out of the market. Also, if items get damaged this is a real headache for you!

The second most important reason is if you rent unfurnished and a tenant brings his own furniture they are likely to stay for a longer period!

6. Points to remember
Rental properties should be clean and neat. However, you don’t want to spend excess on fixtures and fittings that price your property out of the market. Keep it simple and ensure your bathroom spaces are up to scratch!