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Yangon Township Guide

Best Place to live in Yangon

Top 5 Areas to live in Yangon

Are you deciding where the best place to live in Yangon is? This will depend on a multitude of factors. Yangon isn’t known for having a robust travel network, so where you work will have a huge factor in your decision making.

Other factors to include will be if you are a family looking for a house, or you’re a young professional looking to be in a buzzing, trendy area.

If you are looking at where to live in Yangon, we recommend looking at Yangon’s top destinations!

Top 10 Destinations in Yangon

When deciding where to live in Yangon, knowing how far away you are from all the key destinations is vital. We have broken down the driving distance to all top destinations in Yangon.

1. The Myanmar Plaza in Yangon

The Myanmar Plaza is the hub that keeps on giving. Inside you will find everything you need. There are a range of shops and services ranging from laundry, fitness centres to the latest fashion shops and home decor. Ofcourse they have playgrounds and amusement for families even schools located inside the building!

You can spend the whole day inside, not needing to leave, after a busy day shopping you can go and replenish your energy levels at the Food Kiosks and Restaurants. In the evening you can enjoy a relaxing beverage at one of the rooftop bars.

If you live in Sanchaung you will be a 15 minute drive away.

2. Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

The Shwedagon Pagoda is arguable the biggest tourist attraction in Yangon. It is considered the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar. To locals it is known as the Shwedagon Zedi Daw The, and 99 meters high. You can view the Shwedagon Pagoda from most properties around Yangon, especially a night when the golden roof illuminates across the city. If you are visiting Yangon, it is a must see. If you can also get an apartment that has direct view, you’ll be amazed every night!

If you live in Sanchaung you will be a 10 minute drive away.

3. Sule Pagoda in Yangon

The Sule Pagoda is located in the heart of downtown in the Kyautada Township. Walking distance you will find the Sule Plaza, City hall and various retail shops.

If you live in Sanchaung the Sule Pagoda will be a 30 minutes drive.

4. Embassies in Yangon

In Yangon you will find various embassies located around the city. Mostly clusters around the Golden Valley. Downtown you will find the Indian and British Embassies. Whilst in or near the Golden Valley you will find the  Italian, Japanese, American and Netherland Embassies.

If you live in Sanchaung these will all be a 20 minute drive.

5. Yangon International Golf Club

The Yangon International Golf Club is walking distance from Peoples Park. Here you can enjoy 18 holes of golf with prices ranging from $40 to $50 a week depending on if it’s weekdays or weekends.

If you live in Sanchaung the Yangon International Golf Club will be a 10 minute drive.

6. Yangon International Airport

The Yangon International Airport is home to many designer brands and restaurants. Located on the 2nd floor you can find retailers such as Calvin Klein and Charles & Keith. You will also find the Mingalar Sky Lounge located on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

If you live in Sanchaung the Yangon International Airport is a fifteen minutes drive.

7. Sedona Hotel in Yangon

The Sedona Hotel has two noticeably different wings of the hotel, the Inya Wing and Garden Wing. The Inya wing is named after the Inya lake which sits in front of the hotel. Inya Lake is the perfect spot to relax to escape the hustle and bustle of Yangon’s city. The Garden Wing has a sense of refined luxury and relaxation with a taste of Yangon’s artistry defining the entire wing.

If you live in Sanchaung the Sedona Hotel will be a 23 minute drive.

8. General Hospital in Yangon

In the event of an emergency the General Hospital in Yangon is always on call. Something to keep in mind is the fact this hospital is known for teaching with the affiliated University of Medicine.

If you live in Sanchaung you will be 10 minute drive.

9. ISY International School in Yangon

The ISY International School was founded in 1955. The school is a non-profit PreK to 12th grade school. The school teaches the American Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate programs for Grades 11 and 12. If you have children this school is highly recommended amongst expats in the city.

If you live in Sanchaung the ISY International School is twenty minutes drive.

10. Inya Lake

Inya Lake is the largest lake in Yangon, it’s a famous landmark in the city. In the morning you will find plenty of people doing their exercises. During the evening you will notice couples holding up umbrellas to watch the sunset. In the proximity you will find lot’s of restaurants. The lake is also dog-friendly.

If you live in Sanchaung you will be a 10 minute drive.

Top 5 townships to live in Yangon

1. Sanchaung Township

Sanchaung is a popular destination for young professionals moving to Yangon. If you are looking for an up and coming area, with plenty of Expats, bars and convenient places to eat. Then we would highly suggest Sanchaung!

Where to live in Sanchaung, Yangon

Sanchaung is the peoples choice for location. This area has the biggest community of Expats due to the area being easily accessible to downtown, Inya Lake and Yankin Township.

In Sanchaung you can expect to pay anywhere between $300 to $2000 for an apartment, condominium or penthouse. Depending on your bedrooms and quality requirements.

Apartments in Sanchaung

Condos in Sanchaung

Penthouse in Sanchaung

What to do in Sanchaung

In Sanchaung there are two central points for entertainment and shopping. You will notice the Daigon Centre 1 and 2 shopping centres in the heart of Sanchaung. Inside you will find a cinema, various restaurants and fashion shopping outlets.

If you enjoy the outdoors you can sit and relax at peoples park. If you have children a great place to take them is Happy World Recreation Centre. Here you can find amusement rides, games and places to eat and relax.

Sanchaung is one of the only places you will find some shops that are 24 hours a day such as the City Mart.

Nightlife in Sanchaung

Sanchaung Street – Sanchaung street is the hub within the area, you will get quickly acquainted with the popular Winstar. Here is a beer station that serves BBQ and cheap beer. You will also find lot’s of street vendors and fresh fruits. You will also find deloisious indian tea shops! (The best place for your morning tea!). You’ll also never be out of sight from a restaurant. You also have the joy of a 24 hour city mart close by!

Tony Bar – Tony bar is a reasonably priced rooftop bar. It is above the Vista hotel. Downstairs you will find a hotpot restaurant. They have live music atleast once a week.

Penthouse – Penthouse is also a rooftop bar with a view of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Here you will find reasonably priced drinks, with professional cocktails. On weekends they usually have events. You can also order food at any time of day.

Atlas Bar – Atlas Bar is famous for the sunsets in Yangon. It has a very relaxed ambience. You will find live jazz music and a cool breeze most nights. You can also order good quality food at any point in the evening.

Dagon Township

Bahan Township


Yankin Township

Important Information To Know

Understanding the different townships in Yangon can be a difficult task. However we are building a list of reasons to live in each township. Keep your eyes on this page for updates!

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