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Landlords and agents will want to confirm your identity, immigration status, and possibly employment status. They will need to make copies of your documents and return your original documents to you.

How long do you want the tenancy for?

Most tenancy agreements are 6 months minimum, with payment upfront (Owch!). This can be a hefty burden on ex-pats moving to the country, however, this is the standard in Myanmar. This is due to the fact landlords have very little protection when it comes to tenants and their agreements. If you decide to up and leave one day, there is very little they can do about it!

However, times are changing. Landlords are starting to become somewhat more relaxed and understanding that such huge payments are not viable for a lot of people. With time, this outdated practice will cease to exist (hopefully).

We will update our Yangon Property Rent Guide when things change!

The average tenancy agreement is between six months and two years. Anything over will have to be agreed with the landlord. Usually through an informal meeting.

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Which area you would like to live in and how you are going to look for a rental property in Yangon?

Being blunt, when it comes to the Renting Real Estate Market in Yangon, it is best to prepare a larger search area. This will give you the best chances of finding the right home for you.

Renting through our letting agency – PropertiesinYangon.com

When you rent through, PropertiesinYangon.com we will break down all fees and payment requirements in a clear and coherent manner. This will be presented to you in our office.

We don’t work with any landlords that discriminate against any tenant or prospective tenant, on the basis of their disability, sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy, or maternity, race religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

Looking for your new home with our Property Rent Guide

Things to check that we recommend in our Yangon Rent Guide

Deposit If you’d like to rent a property in Yangon, and you or the landlord is not immediately ready to move in. You will be asked to make a deposit to take the property off the market. This could also later be used as your security deposit.

Security Deposit – Check that the tenancy deposit you’re being asked for is not more than one month’s rent.

Deposit protection – If the landlord asks for a deposit, check that it will be protected in the contract, upon which will state that if the landlord cancels the tenancy, the tenant is entitled to double the deposit amount. You will also find that if the tenant ends the agreement before the end of the contract, you’ll be liable for the full amount of the deposit.

The deposit will be returned two weeks after leaving the property, this is due to utility bills landing on the 15’th every month. Whilst most tenancy agreements finish at the end of the month.

Itinerary – PropertiesinYangon.com will provide an itinerary on the day of contractual signing. You will be asked to return the itinerary one week after the contract date. You can do so by email to Itinerary@PropertiesinYangon.com.

You can always pop the itinerary into our office!

Children, smoking, and pets – Check if there are any rules about them, also for other things such as keeping a bike, and how to dispose of trash. (It can be more challenging than you expect!)

Bills – Check who is responsible for bills such as electricity, gas, and water. You or the landlord? Usually, the tenant pays for these, advice on billing available here.

If you have any recommendations for our Yangon Rent Guide. Contact us here.

Fixtures and Fittings – Check you are happy with them, as it is unlikely that you will be able to get them changed, once you have moved into the property. With PropertiesinYangon.com we will give you a two-week period to get fixtures and fittings changed, but we do highly recommend mentioning any concerns before moving in.

Safety – Check that the property is safe to live in. Use How to rent a safe home to help you identify possible hazards.

Fitness for human habitation – Your property must be safe, healthy, and free from things that could cause serious harm. If not, you can take your landlord to court. You should also check whether your tenancy agreement excuses you from paying rent should the building become unfit to live in because of, for example, a fire or floor.

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When you’ve found a place 

Check the paperwork.

The tenancy agreement – make sure you have a written tenancy agreement and read it carefully to understand your rights and responsibilities before you sign it. PropertiesinYangon.com will provide and explain this before the contractual signing.

Inventory – Agree on an inventory with our agents and landlord before moving in, and as an extra safeguard make sure that you take photos. This will make things easier if there is a dispute about the deposit, at the end of the tenancy. If you are happy with the inventory, sign it, and keep a copy.

Meter readings – Make sure that you take meter readings when you move into the property. You don’t want to pay for the previous tenants’ bills!

Contact details – We are not only Real Estate Agents here at PropertiesinYangon.com, we are also your friends. We understand when moving to a new country it can be hard to find your feet and find people you trust. That is why we are available as an emergency contact in the event of an emergency.

What the landlord must provide

Our agents will provide a copy of this Property Rent Guide, in a hard copy format. If you prefer, we can also provide it as a PDF attachment by email.

Deposit and security paperwork – If you have provided a deposit make sure that you have a receipt, it is also important to understand how to get your money back at the end of the tenancy. Keep this information safe as you will need it later.

Living in your Yangon Rented Property

The tenant must:

  • Pay the rent on time – If your rent is not paid on time the landlord has the right to terminate the contract.
  • Pay any other bills that you are responsible for – Such as gas, electricity, and water bills. If you are liable to pay utility bills.
  • Look after the property – Get your landlord’s permission before attempting repairs or decorating.
  • Be considerate to the neighbors’  Anti-social behavior may be a reason for your landlord to evict you.
  • Not to take in a lodger or sublet Without checking whether you need permission from your landlord or agent. This can cause issues due to the fact in Myanmar all foreigners must be registered at a property.

The tenant should…

  • Make sure you know how to use all appliances and know where the fuse box and any meters are.
  • Report any need for repairs to your agent, or landlord. There will be a risk to your deposit if a major repair turns into a major problem because you did not repair it.

The landlord must…

  • Maintain the structure and exterior of the property.
  • Ensure your property is free from serious hazards from the start of and throughout your tenancy.
  • Deal with any problems with water, electricity, and gas supply.
  • Maintain any appliances and furniture they have supplied
  • Carry out most repairs. If something is not working properly, report it to our agents.
  • Give at least 24 hours notice. For visits for things such as repairs. The landlord cannot walk in when they like.

At the end of the fixed period

If you want to stay

Do you want to sign up for a new fixed tenancy agreement? If so, you should talk with our agents and inquire if the property will be available.

Your landlord might want to increase your rent. Your landlord may want to increase the rent, it is important to discuss any changes in a new contract.

If your landlord wants to end the tenancy

There are things that both landlords and tenants must do at the end of the tenancy.

Giving notice – It is a requirement for landlords to give you proper notice if they want you to leave. Normally, the landlord must allow any fixed period of the tenancy to expired. They should also give two months’ notice.

If you want to end the tenancy early, you could be charged for this. Your tenancy agreement should say how much notice you must give the landlord. Usually, one month’s notice is typical for leaving a property.

Return of the deposit – Try to be present when the property is inspected to check whether any of the tenancy deposit will be deducted to cover the damage.

Clear up – Remove all your possessions, clean the house, take meter readings, return all keys, and give a forwarding address.

Dispose of any unwanted furniture – The landlord will dispose of possessions left in the property typically within 14 days. The landlord must let you know or try to let you know that they intend to dispose of possessions that you leave behind.

If things go wrong – Most problems can be resolved quickly and easily by talking to our agency team. There are often legal protections in place too for the most common problems that you may experience during the tenancy.

If the property is in an unsafe condition – Contact our agency to make the landlord fix the issues.

We hope you found our Property Rent Guide for Yangon useful! If you liked this, you may want to look at some of our other articles!


Renting in Yangon can be a daunting task. To make things simple we will explain some of the basic principles of the land. 

  • Contracts are a minimum of 6 months 
  • Utility bills are the responsibility of the tenant unless negotiated in the rental
  • The Agency fee for a 6-month rental is half a month fee, a one-year contract is a one-month fee
  • Our Agents can speak Burmese and English and will assist you in any problems you face, we provide all our tenants with a one-year service


If you have any specific questions feel free to ring, Viber, Whatsapp, or Email Us! We are here to make the process of renting in Yangon as smooth as possible. So please don’t hesitate!

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