Surveying Services

After the owner has accepted your offer, it’s time to celebrate! However, the work doesn’t finish there! Now it’s time to ensure that the property you’re buying is in the condition the owner has stated.

It’s imperative to have a survey carried out to check for any issues that need your attention and structural integrity. Without having a survey completed by a professional your great investment could turn into a very bad one.

We offer two main surveys:

Condition Survey:

Generally for modern or well-maintained properties in good condition.

  • An overview of the properties condition with a focus on roof, walls, windows, and stairs
  • Typically costing between $200 – $500.
  • Site measurements and 2D generations
  • Highlighting significant problems, but not an in-depth analysis. Further investigation would be needed
  • Formal report and recommendations

Building Survey:

A building survey is ideal for older properties such as colonial buildings, or properties in poor condition. If you’re planning major renovations to a property, then a full building survey is recommended.

  • Typically costing between $500 – $1500
  • A breakdown of the structure and condition
  • Detailed information on how the property was constructed, materials used, and the condition of foundations, roof, and walls.
  • Advice on maintenance and required repairs

Extra tests – 

  • Soil testing
  • Topography
  • Hammer Test

The competition time and costing of the survey will depend on the location, size, and condition of the property.